Product description

WOOD—SKIN offers avant-garde design solutions to elevate environments. Founded in Milan in 2013, it combines digital manufacturing technologies with traditional components through patented practices. Its applications allow rigid surfaces to become more flexible, and flat ones to acquire three-dimensionality, widening the horizon for architectural projects and surfaces. WOOD—SKIN gives dynamic volume and character to a multitude of materials, helping architects and designers bridge the gap between digital representation and architectural feasibility.

The WOOD—SKIN raw panel consists of two sheets of rigid material connected through a textile core. Besides guaranteeing untold possibilities, this design favours flexibility and surfaces’ adherence. While the inner structure remains unaltered, the external layers can be of various materials according to the customer’s need. The options available range from traditional, selecting materials such as wood and aluminium, to unique, tapping into the treasurable catalogue of WOOD—SKIN collaborations with Fenix, Alpi, Almeco, and Forescolor, to name a few.

The computational design department – a team of architects, designers, and engineers – can visualize the transformative power of the WOOD—SKIN surface and substantiate it into complex ad-hoc projects.

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