„Walk on art“

Product description

mafi is an Austrian family company that specializes in the production of high-quality and completely ecological natural wood floors.

They offer a healthy product and improvement for living spaces in one.

Our 100% pollutant-free natural wood surfaces are typically used as flooring, but can also be used as stair treads as well as wall and ceiling cladding. The wood remains unadulterated and breathable, allowing it to have a positive effect on the indoor climate and atmosphere.

mafi wood floors are made with only natural elements and have no toxins.

Our manufacturing process focuses on finishing the surfaces with natural oils and then drying them naturally in fresh air. This causes the oil to be absorbed into the wood while leaving an unadulterated surface. At the same time, the wood can still absorb and release moisture and remains breathable. The self-regenerative and antibacterial effects of the wood are also preserved.

mafi therefore stands for wood instead of plastic, for natural color instead of artificial, and for unique quality instead of interchangeability.

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